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Dr. Slick ECO Scissor Clamp Fly Tying Tool

The most versatile series Dr. Slick® makes is able to handle all streamside tasks. The tool has a serrated scissor for cutting tippet/leader material, trimming flies or performing streamside surgery - no joke. There are of stories from angling MD’s and non-doctors who have used these clamps to sew up lacerated anglers or remove hooks from every imaginable place on the human body.

The Dr. Slick® ECO line provides you with products of unparalleled quality, finish, and performance at an exceptional price.

  • Designed for myriad of tasks like crushing barbs, removing hooks, opening/closing split shot, knot-tying, cutting tippet and more
  • 400 grade stainless steel with satin finish
  • Half smooth and half cross hatch jaw structure
  • Pin-in shank
  • Straight
  • Length: 4"

* No packaging

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The DR.SLICK Company is one of the leading suppliers of high quality stainless steel tools (scissors, clamps and pliers) and accessories (nippers, retractors, files and fly tying tools) to the fly fishing and general fishing industry.

Kenneth A High, M.D founded the wholesale-based company in 1989. As a fisherman and fly-tyer, Dr. High was wholly unimpressed with the quality of the tools on the market for fly tying and fishing applications. As a surgeon, Dr. High was used to working with top quality tools designed to perform specific tasks with great precision.

In 1988, Dr. High used his knowledge of surgical suite tools and instruments to design and create dozens of high quality tools and instruments specifically tailored to the needs of the fly fishing and general fishing market.

Today, the company is renowned for its innovations and quality standards. Using their own facilities and some of the finest boutique manufacturers in the world, DR.SLICK products are produced with top quality stainless steel on the finest German and American machinery available to ensure quality durability and consistency. They pride themselves in the products they produce and they back every item with their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you want the highest quality fishing tools available today, you'll want DR.SLICK.
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