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CliC Reader Original Long Magnetic Reading Glasses

CliC® glasses have been designed with a patented front connection technology. This technology allows you to easily put on and take off your glasses and helps you to never misplace your glasses again!

  • CliC Front Connection technology
  • Durable, dependable, long lasting acrylic lenses
  • 180º hinges (lenses fold up and down)
  • Adjustable temples extend to your ideal fit
  • Rigid headband of durable TR90 material
  • Easy on, easy off
  • Color: Black
  • Frame width: 5-3/4"
  • Lens width: 1-7/8"
  • Lens height: 1"
  • Bridge width: 5/8"
  • Medium-Large (22-23-1/2")

* Measure around head where you like glasses to rest on your nose.

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CliC® CEO, Ron Lando, is not new to the eyewear industry. Lando's family owned Style Eyes of California for 20 years with Lando at the helm as president. After selling the family business, Lando formed Exis Eyewear in 1996. From Exis Eyewear, CliC was born in 2000. People were excited about the concept of lightweight front-connecting eyewear. Lando's idea proved to be a success.

The eyeglass industry was waiting for new ideas. Throughout the 80's and 90's Lando consulted on several major eyewear manufacturing and design initiatives. Many of today's leading eyewear brands can trace their original designs and current success to Lando's efforts and ideas.

Not only were customers delighted with CliC, CliC eyewear won the Vision Choice award two years running at the International Vision Expo for best new product. Time magazine called CliC's front connection technology: "The best eyewear innovation since glasses were invented."

If you've seen CSI:NY, The Today Show, Weeds or ESPN's Sunday Night Football — all feature CliCs. Films have embraced CliCs as well. You can see CliC eyewear featured in, "Freedom Land," "Wild Hogs," "Red," and more.

CliC - the magnetic connection.
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66340811125 - 1.25 Magnification

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