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EGO S2 Slider Medium Rubber Mesh Landing Net

This S2 Slider landing net features the revolutionary slider handle extension technology, providing maximum reach with the shortest possible handle. The compact modular platform allows this net to store easily on kayaks and smaller boats with limited space.

  • Non-tangle lightweight rubber mesh net
  • Designed to float
  • Innovative grip design
  • 29" slider handle extends to 60"
  • Flat bottom
  • 15" bag depth stretches up to 1.5x with load
  • Environmentally-conscious
  • Net color: Black
  • Recommended fish weight: Up to 12 lbs.
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EGO® never stops working to stack the odds of a successful day on the water in your favor.

Whether catching live baitfish for a targeted game fish species or landing the next trophy, EGO fishing gear is designed to meet the most demanding sport fishing situations. The EGO landing net S2 Slider, Series 1, Wade nets, Reach nets, Trout fly fishing net, Ego Cast nets, throw nets, and live bait nets all deliver maximum performance at an exceptional value.

So go ahead and chase the big one. EGO will make you look like a Pro.
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17" x 19" 29" handle; extends to 60" 15" $134.99