Fulling Mill Streamer Stripper Fly Fishing Hook - 25 Pk. zoom in


Fulling Mill Streamer Stripper Fly Fishing Hook - 25 Pk.

Ultra 1x strong and extremely sharp, the Streamer Stripper Hook is ideal for a variety of streamer patterns. 

  • Teflon®-coated to cut down on glare when targeting picky fish
  • 1x strong
  • Forged
  • Smaller sizes also ideal for tube flies
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Every Fulling Mill® fly is a little work of art.

To maintain their enviable reputation for complete quality, they leave nothing to chance. Only the finest materials and strongest hooks are used in the assembly process. Since they never out-source any of their production, they are able to insist on the very highest quality control standards.

Fulling Mill - Raising the Game
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25 #6 Freshwater $7.99


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25 #4 Freshwater $7.99


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25 #2 Freshwater $7.99


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25 #1 Freshwater $7.99


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25 1/0 Freshwater $7.99


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25 2/0 Freshwater $7.99