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Luhr-Jensen Dipsy Diver Trolling Accessory

The special round shape and resulting multi-directional feature sets the Dipsy Diver apart from all other divers and planers.

A shift left or right, as indicated on the base plate, will cause the diver to track to port or starboard, allowing for large spreads of lures to be fished from a single boat. You'll cover more water when the Dipsy Divers are deployed. The adjustable trip mechanism can be set specifically for various lure sizes and the size of target fish.
  • Directional design locks into multiple positions
  • Adjustable positive trip mechanism
  • One O-ring
  • Running depth: 35 feet
  • Length: 3-1/4"
  • Weight: 2.53 oz.
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Born of a man's desire to find a better lure, Luhr Jensen® was started during the Depression in a chicken coop by a man of the same name, and has today become a force to be reckoned with in the fishing lure industry.

For years after its founding the business remained small but steady until, capitalizing on the success of the Lake Michigan coho salmon planting project in the late 60's, Luhr Jensen became a household name. From $250,000 in sales in 1960 the company grew to over $1 million in 1970.

In the years that followed Luhr's sons took over operations and have continued to grow the business. Today, the company's legendary commitment to quality lures continues.  With both saltwater and freshwater offerings, Luhr Jensen is sure to have the exact lure you need for your next fishing endeavor.
Description Finish / Color Length Price Qty

55600000920 - Silver / Silver Bottom

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Silver / Silver Bottom Diameter: 3-1/4" $18.99

55600000077 - Fire / White Bottom

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