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Maptech Folding Waterproof Chart - Cape Ann to Cape Elizabeth

Maptech's® flip-fold charts are printed on a tough waterproof paper that will not tear when the wind hits it as you look for the next spot to fish.

No matter how good your electronics are, viewing a large area in detail is best done with a chart. Prudent boaters know that when your electronics take a dive, it is best to carry a back up. With the charts' brighter colors, showing primary and secondary lights, major buoys, wrecks, reefs, and launch ramp locations, all are highlighted and labeled with lat / lon coordinates, you can not go wrong.

  • Covers Cape Ann to Cape Elizabeth
  • Major buoys
  • Courses and distances
  • Wreck sites
  • Ramp locations and information
  • Dimensions: 14" x 60"
  • Scale 1:53,333 with insets
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Whether your passion is cruising, fishing, day-sailing, or anything else that involves getting from one place to another, Maptech® helps make your time on the water more enjoyable  - and a whole lot easier.

Maptech - Nobody makes navigation easier.
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