Firearm Purchase Info

Conditions of Sale/Business Policies:
Purchases paid by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), certified check, or money order will be shipped via UPS or FedEx in most cases within two business days. Purchases paid by personal checks may result in a shipping delay of up to two weeks. The shipping charges are $35.00 per long gun to any location in the continental United States and $45.00 per handgun to all locations in the continental United States. We do not have an export license, and thus, we will make no shipments outside the United States. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is $60.00 for each handgun or long gun.

All sales must comply with applicable federal laws and Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms regulations. Shipments will only be made to valid federal firearms license (FFL) holders. A copy of the FFL with an original signature must be on file before the firearm is shipped. Residents of New England should contact our Sales Department for suggestions from our list of established transfer dealers. Transfer fees set by our established dealers are charged by KTP at the point of sale and are included in the firearm shipment to the dealer. Any dealers interested in becoming a regular transfer agent should contact Internet Firearm Sales by phone at 1-207-752-9074 or email.

Kittery Trading Post accepts no responsibility for the purchaser's compliance with state, county or municipal ordinances governing the possession or use of any firearm or category of firearms. Please familiarize yourself with all related local laws and regulations prior to making a purchase. It is the FFL holder's responsibility to refuse any transfers that knowingly violate such laws/regulations, although we will make every effort not to initiate such a transaction.

We strive to give a conservative representation of each firearm's condition and to list in the description any significant modifications/alterations from the original. For used firearms purchased online, we offer a 5-day return privilege* and a 30-day warranty* on all used firearms purchased online. Return shipping and insurance are the responsibility of the purchaser.

We update our listings on a regular basis; however there may be instances in which a listed firearm is already sold.

*Used guns, unless specifically sold on an "as-is" basis, are in shooting condition and are warranted for a period of  30 days to fire, feed, eject, and otherwise function as the manufacturer intended. In the event of a defect, we will, at our option, either repair the firearm at no charge or issue a merchandise credit for the full amount of purchase. Pre-Owned Firearms purchased through may be returned within 5 business days for a full refund less shipping costs and transfer fees. The firearm must be returned in the same condition that it was sent. When the firearm is shipped to a third-party FFL holder, it is the responsibility of the buyer to make arrangements to examine the firearm and comply with the return policy while the gun is still in the possession of the FFL holder when federal, state or local laws prohibit transfer to the buyer within the 5-day return period.

Purchasing and Trading Opportunities:
We have built one of the largest used firearms businesses in the Northeast United States on a reputation for honest dealing and generous trade allowances. Trades may be considered toward the purchase of any firearm listed on this site, as well as any new firearm in our extensive inventory. We are also always interested in purchasing used guns - single pieces or entire collections/accumulations. 

Kittery Trading Post is an active supporter of the shooting sports and is a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, N.R.A. Business Alliance, American Shooting Sports Council, Sportsman's Alliance of Maine, Gun Owners of New Hampshire, and Gun Owners' Action League (Massachusetts)

Purchasing a Firearm:
Be aware that individual states have their own set of laws and regulations governing the sale of firearms. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself and comply with all the federal, state, county, and / or municipal ordinances, laws and regulations governing the possession and use of any firearm or category of firearms in both the state you purchase the firearm as well as the state in which you reside. This being said, the requirements to purchase a firearm will depend upon (1) what type of firearm you intend to purchase, (2) where you intend to purchase the firearm, and (3) where you reside.  

Federal law states that you must be 18 years old to purchase a long gun (rifle or shotgun) and 21 years of age to purchase a handgun.  

To purchase a firearm as a resident of the state of Maine, you will be required to (1) present a state or federal photo identification that meets the identification requirements for the sale of firearms, i.e., a valid current driver's license or pistol permit, (2) submit to a federal NICS (National Instant Check System) background check, and (3) complete federal Form 4473.  

A non-resident purchasing a firearm in Maine is subject to the same requirements as a Maine resident, in addition to the laws and regulations governing his or her state of residence.  

The Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 allows for over-the-counter purchase of firearms (long guns only) provided the buyer complies with the laws of both the state in which the firearm is purchased and the state in which residency is claimed.  

Non-residents may not purchase handguns in an over-the-counter transaction in the state of Maine. An authorized transfer dealer in the purchaser's state of residence is required to complete a handgun transaction in Maine by a non-resident.  

As stated earlier, please familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations governing your state of residence as some states/municipalities do require special permits to possess a firearm.

For all firearm sales and transfers, the Kittery Trading Post elects not to release any firearm(s) until it obtains a “proceed” from the bureau associated with any firearms background check. Kittery Trading Post will work with individuals placed on a “NICS delay” to hold their firearm(s) for up to 30 days while the background check is active or while the customer works on obtaining an FBI assigned UPIN. After 30 days, the Kittery Trading Post will work with the customer to place the firearm on an extended hold with deposit while seeking a resolution to the NICS delay. If the customer chooses to transfer the firearms to another dealer, shipping and transfer fees will be their responsibility.