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Filson Men's Mackinaw Wool Vest


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Filson® Mackinaw Wool Vest, universally trusted by ranchers, loggers and all manner of sportsmen, has proven itself to be as versatile, functional and practical as any product they have ever manufactured. There’s a very good reason it’s been a cornerstone in the Filson® product line for more than half a century–it performs admirably in countless situations out of doors, or in. This pillar of their product line provides warmth with minimal bulk, while maintaining excellent breathability–and does so even if it gets soaking wet. Worn over a warm shirt while actively chasing upland birds, it’s the perfect blend of warmth and breathability in temperatures down to near freezing. Worn under a rain shell, it takes the edge off when wading thigh-deep in an icy steelhead run. Under a Filson® wool coat, it adds that extra bit of comfort in temperatures that can take your breath away.

The Mackinaw Wool Vest is built with the same warm wool used in their Mackinaw Wool Cruiser that's provided protection from cold and wet conditions for over a century. Because their Mackinaw Wool is manufactured with an uncommonly-tight weave, it excels at blocking the wind and withstands hard use for decades. Due to its complex fiber structure, Mackinaw Wool also offers an unheralded benefit–it’s very simple to care for. Dried dirt brushes off with ease, leaving no trace of its existence. To remove odors, a dry Mackinaw Wool Vest can be tumbled in a warm dryer, and nearly always come out smelling fresh.

The design of the Mackinaw Wool Vest works just as well indoors, whether working in a chilly warehouse or construction site, or sitting behind a computer drawing up plans for your next big project. In addition to creating a classic appearance that works just about anywhere, the V-shaped neckline adds no bulk around the neck, so there’s still plenty of breathing room for a heavy shirt and a rain shell zipped chin-high. The hand pockets have a raised outer-edge to prevent contents from easily sliding out, and the chest pockets are open-stow and slotted-utility. The Mackinaw Wool Vest–an integral part of an outdoorsman’s kit that performs in any environment.

  • Built with warm, breathable, and durable Mackinaw Wool
  • Button-front closure
  • V-shaped neckline
  • Side-entry hand pockets
  • Open-stow and slotted-utility chest pockets
  • Breathable and warm even when wet
  • Relaxed Fit: allows room for midweight layers underneath
  • Dry Clean

Product Features:

Fabric 24 oz. 100% Virgin Mackinaw Wool

Style Number: 20238728

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Established in 1897, Filson® is the leading outfitter and manufacturer of Unfailing Goods for outdoor enthusiasts.
Filson was built on a reputation of reliability and is a favorite for everyone who refuses to stay indoors.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Filson is renowned for making ruggedly durable products from iconic fabrics such as Tin Cloth and Mackinaw Wool. It stands for the highest quality and most durable apparel and accessories, all backed by a lifetime guarantee. Uncompromising quality. That’s made at Filson, USA.