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Lodge Cast Iron Cover

$18.99 - $22.99

Replace a lost lid, or just get an extra.

Iron covers have self-basting tips to allow juices to continually baste the food as it cooks.

8" cover fits:
  • L5SK3 - Skillet, 8"
  • L2SP3 - Serving pot, 8"
9" cover fits:
  • L6SK3 - Skillet, 9"
10-1/4" cover fits:
  • L8SK3 - Skillet, 10-1/4"
  • L8DO3 - Dutch oven with spiral bail, 10-1/4"
  • L8DOL3 - Dutch oven with loop handles, 10-1/4"
  • LCC3 - Combo cooker, 10-1/4"
  • L8DD3 - Double dutch oven, 10-1/4"
  • L8DSK3 - Deep skillet, 10-1/4"
12" cover fits:
  • L10SK3 - Skillet, 12"
  • L10DO3 - Dutch oven with spiral bail, 12"
  • L10DOL3 - Dutch oven with loop handles, 12"
  • L10CF3 - Chicken fryer, 12"
13-1/4" cover fits:
  • L12SK3 - Skillet, 13-1/4"
  • L12DO3 - Dutch oven with spiral bail, 13-1/4"
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Nestled alongside the Cumberland Plateau of the Appalachian Mountains is the town of South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Joseph Lodge and his wife settled there and in 1896 opened their first foundry. Originally named The Blacklock Foundry, the company gained success until May of 1910 when it burned down. Just three months later and a few blocks south, the company was reborn as Lodge® Manufacturing Company.

Joseph Lodge created a legacy of quality that has thrived through two World Wars and the Great Depression. It's still carried on by his family today. Lodge's CEO and President are Joseph Lodge’s great-grandsons who continue to evolve the product line and improve manufacturing methods. While many worthy competitors have fallen by the wayside, Lodge’s dedication to quality, technology, and employees have helped it not only survive but flourish.

Lodge Cast Iron - 100 Years and Still Cooking...
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n/a 8" Cast iron $18.99


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9" Cast iron $22.99


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n/a 10-1/4" Cast iron $26.99


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n/a 12" Cast iron $34.99


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n/a 13-1/4" Cast iron $49.99