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Banana Saver Banana Guard

The Banana Guard is the only banana container available with a popsicle slot for making your favorite frozen banana pops!  
  • Approved food grade material for a peeled banana
  • Packs one nutritious intact banana
  • Ideal for travelers who want the convenience of a healthy snack while on the go
  • Perfect for any sports enthusiast needing to refuel
  • Use to keep bananas in your freezer for making frozen banana pops
  • Suggested use: Backpacking, Biking, Lunches
  • Made in USA
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Designed to protect individual bananas on-the-go from getting bruised until time of consumption, the Banana Saver® container is perfect for backpackers, bikers, children's lunches, and all others who simply want to enjoy nature's most perfect food intact, just as it was purchased.
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