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Rome Cast Iron Double Pie Iron

The double-sized Rome® Pie Iron is the king of the campfire. This fun and versatile cooking device makes two tasty sandwiches or pies at a time. It's also great for pasties, calzones, empanadas and more. The options are endless. 

To use, simply place two pieces of buttered bread in the clam shell style compartment and stuff with preserves, pie filling, cheese or meat. Close the lid and toast over the fire until done.  

  • Cast iron construction
  • Each side of the cooker also serves as small skillet
  • Recipes and use instructions included
  • Head dimensions: 4.25" x 8.5"
  • Length: 28"
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Rome® is a 3 generation family business that's been in business for over 53 years. They aim to provide innovative and fun products for outdoor living.
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