Common Butterflies of New England: FoldingGuides


Common Butterflies of New England: FoldingGuides

Earth Sky + Water® laminated FoldingGuides™ provide instant access to just what you need to know!
  • 62 butterfly species, both common and exotic, found in New England
  • Includes swallowtails, fritillaries, buckeyes, sulphurs, skippers, bogs, and blues
  • Images by Rick Cech, well known naturalist and butterfly expert, author of Butterflies of the East Coast
  • Indestructible lamination – water and beach proof
  • 6-panel folding construction
  • Dimensions: 9” x 4”

ISBN: 978-1-935380-03-0

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Earth Sky + Water® is a small publishing firm focused on the realistic depiction of nature and localized nature identification that was established in 1999. They have created more than 100 regional FoldingGuide™ titles for shell, bird, fish, tree, butterfly, mammal, whale watch, and night sky enthusiasts, as well as a line of museum-quality posters, greeting cards, and boxed notes. ESW also publishes the work of more than 30 naturalists and illustrators, and offers over 750+ unique products, all of them designed, manufactured, and assembled locally in New England.
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Common Butterflies of New England: FoldingGuides

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