• Weekly Fishing Report - 3/2/20

    Rain, rain, go away, seems to be the song of the season. There’s nothing like a rain spell in the winter to keep people from thinking about ice fishing.

  • Weekly Fishing Report - 3/16/20

    Between the warm weather melting the ice in most of southern and central New England and the current pandemic precautions, most shops are reporting little or no business, or have temporarily closed until further notice.

  • Weekly Fishing Report - 3/9/20

    Winter seems to be winding down, like it or not. With fewer ice fishing opportunities, many shops are adjusting their hours.

  • Weekly Fishing Report - 3/23/20

    Reports are few and far between. For now though, social distancing measures aren’t discouraging people from going fishing, as long as they aren’t in groups. So, with reports scarce here’s a little of what you can expect for this time of year, with the current weather.

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