Speer Varmint 30 Cal. 130 Grain HP Rifle Bullet (100)


Speer Varmint 30 Cal. 130 Grain HP Rifle Bullet (100)

Looking to create your own loads? Speer® Bullets offer a variety of rifle reloading bullets that are ideal for hunters, plinkers, or varminters. Their long, rich tradition of quality reloading products means they offer affordable solutions for every type of bullet.

Hollow points offer explosive performance and impressive accuracy. These two characteristics combine for great terminal effects and translate to more successful hits.
  • Box of 100
  • Hit more targets
  • Explosive performance
  • Caliber: 30 cal.
  • Ballistic coefficient: 0.263
  • Sectional density: 0.196
  • Weight: 130 grains (8.42g.)
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Speer® continues to offer one of the best options for law enforcement, personal protection, handgun hunting, and training ammunition. Based on the performance and track record of the legendary Speer Gold Dot® Ammunition, which continues its dominance of the law enforcement community, Speer has proven its reliability for tough jobs.

Speer recently re-introduced this fine ammunition in three user-friendly categories: Gold Dot Personal Protection, Gold Dot Short Barrel® Personal Protection, and Gold Dot Handgun Hunting. The company also continues its line of training ammunition with Lawman® and Lawman Clean-Fire® ammunition. For Gold Dot-like ballistics and serious training, Lawman remains a great choice.

Whatever category fits you, Speer has what you need.
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Speer Varmint 30 Cal. 130 Grain HP Rifle Bullet (100)

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Hunting - varmints
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Hollow Point
130 grains
0.308" Hunting - varmints Hollow Point $19.99