JBK Pottery Pot Minder


JBK Pottery Pot Minder

Your ceramic Pot Minder will help prevent pots from boiling over when cooking.

Simply place the Pot Minder in the bottom of the pot when cooking or warming pasta, soups, vegetables, or milk.

When the water begins to boil, the Pot Minder will begin to chatter in the bottom of the pot.

If you prefer, when the Pot Minder begins to chatter, you can remove it and turn the heat down.
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Located in Calgary, Alberta Canada and incorporated in 1979, JBK® Holdings Inc. and JBK Pottery have produced many innovative products.

Have you been plagued with hard brown sugar? JBK has your solution - a terra cotta disk, Brown Sugar Saver. Do your pots boil over when you leave them alone for just a minute? It sounds like you need a Pot Minder! Are your cookies boring? Why not stamp them with a JBK Cookie Stamp, and perk them up with a cheerful design?

Make JBK Pottery your source for unique kitchen gadgets.
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JBK Pottery Pot Minder

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