Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil


Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil

Quantum’s® Hot Sauce™ Oil is specially formulated to molecularly bond with all metal parts to provide smooth, long-lasting lubrication for all fishing reels.

  • Squeeze tube
  • 100% full synthetic reel oil
  • Specially formulated for fishing reels
  • Fights corrosion by forming protective barrier
  • Low viscosity enhances free rotation and greatly reduces noise
  • Impoves casting distance
  • Size: 0.4 fl. oz.
  • Made in USA
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The growing number of anglers choosing Quantum® PT products is a direct result of the company's commitment to marketing new and exciting technologies that enhance the experience of fishing and help prolong the life of your tackle.

With technology such as Continuous Anti-Reverse™, Hot Sauce™ lubricant, and its Infinite ACS™ braking system, Quantum is continuously on the cutting edge of new technology finds to ensure that its tackle is the very best you can buy.

Experience Fishing at a Quantum level.
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Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil

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