Baker 60” Retractable Tape Measure


Baker 60” Retractable Tape Measure

If you're a catch-and-release fisherman, you'll want to measure that big boy before you toss him back. Baker's® easy-to-use retractable tape measure will provide you with the facts!
  • Weather-resistant plastic case
  • Push button retractor
  • Inch and centimeter markings
  • Easy to carry, compact size fits in pocket or tackle box
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The original Baker® HooKouT™ was developed in 1956 and is now available through most major fishing tackle and sporting goods retailers in the U.S. and Canada. Since then, the product line has expanded to include such items as mouth spreaders, stainless forceps and pliers, mechanical and electronic scales, cap lights and aerators. Baker's premier line of fine forceps and scissors, with large gold finger loops, is a great addition for avid and fly anglers.

While Baker continues to develop reasonably priced, quality fishing tools and accessories for recreational and avid anglers alike, they are always looking for more great items to bring to the fishing industry.
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Baker 60” Retractable Tape Measure

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