Shoals Harpoons Bronze Rigged Dart


Shoals Harpoons Bronze Rigged Dart

Shoals Harpoons® Bronze Rigged Dart is cast here in New England. It fits a 3/8 pike or shaft which is non-tapered.

The dart is much different than those made offshore in Asia - it's heavier and made of better quality bronze. Since the folks at Shoals Harpoons machine all their darts after they are cast, it fits perfectly on Shoals Harpoons pikes or shafts 

  • Designed with Shoal Harpoons supervision by New England tuna harpooners / fisherman 
  • Heavyweight
  • Straight bore
  • Made in USA stamp
  • Rigged with 3/8" Dyneema® 3000 lb.
  • Loop on one end so you can do loop to loop connection to main line
  • Rigged dart line length: 18"
  • Suggested use: Tuna, swordfish, shark
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Shoals Harpoons® is a division of Shoals Bait Pens LLC. Headquartered in Rye New Hampshire, the company is recognized for creating and marketing new innovative fishing products for close to ten years. They locally manufacture several different products which include Shoals Bait Pens, Shoals Saltwater Flies, and Shoals Harpoons.

Shoals Harpoons owners have over 80 combined years of saltwater big game and light tackle experience. They also have extensive fly fishing experience and have fished worldwide.
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Shoals Harpoons Bronze Rigged Dart

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