Signare Womens Cheeky Cat Sling Bag Purse Crossbody Handbag


Signare Women's Cheeky Cat Sling Bag Purse Crossbody Handbag

The pop-art inspired style coupled with the sleek pose of the cheeky cat hints at a graceful, yet mysterious, colored patterns that attracts an essence of intrigue to its bearer. In this pattern are depicted many cat breads like British shorthair, Bengal or Persian cats. If you fancy a very casual and compact bag, Signare® Women's tapestry fabric sling bag is for you. It is ideal for holding your travel documents when on holiday.

  • Wear it on its own or as an add-on to your other handbag
  • Fastened with a zip top to protect your goods
  • Adjustable webbing strap promotes comfortable travel
  • Inside slip pocket and zip pocket and lined with a patterned Nylon
  • Can be worn across the body or on your shoulder
  • Fashionable sling bags made from Signare® tapestry woven fabrics
  • Size: 7.9 x 9.1 x 2.4 inches
  • Weight 0.3 lb
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Signare, a globally-registered brand, has 60 tapestry fabrics, 30 models, 600+ stocked items in their warehouse located in California USA. Signare designs are inspired by nature, by great art and by life itself, and each one is lovingly reproduced in the style of woven fabric known as tapestry, making every Signare piece unique.
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Cheeky Cat Sling

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Signare Women's Cheeky Cat Sling Bag Purse Crossbody Handbag
Cheeky Cat Sling

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