Aquapac Waterproof iPhone 6 Plus Case - 358


Aquapac Waterproof iPhone 6 Plus Case - 358

Your smartphone is expensive; protect it from water, dirt, dust and sand with the Aquapac® iPhone 6 Plus Case - 358. Talk, listen and operate controls right through the case.

The 6 Plus Case uses Aquapac's patented Aquaclip® lever closure system that makes the case waterproof down to 30 feet / 10 meters.
  • Talk and hear without a problem
  • Made from Polyurethane (PU)
  • PVC-Free
  • Dust/Sand-proof
  • Stays flexible when it's cold
  • Detachable, adjustable lanyard
  • Made for the iPhone 6 Plus
  • Case floats with phone inside
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Aquapac® was founded in London back in 1983 where the head office still remains. It all started with three young windsurfers wondering if they couldn’t find a way to listen to a Sony® Walkman™ while on, and in, the water. What they came up with was certainly not the most elegant-looking product - but it worked.

Fast forward 30 years and here they are with an ever-expanding range of products selling in more than 60 countries. Along the way they've picked up three Queen’s Awards. And they've sold many millions of Aquapac 100% waterproof cases, bags, and pouches. Which, at the risk of incurring Her Majesty's displeasure, is nicer still!

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Aquapac Waterproof iPhone 6 Plus Case - 358

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Objects up to 6.3" tall
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Objects up to 6.3" tall 6.8"/175mm x 6.3"/160mm 1.5 oz (45 g) $34.95