Nalgene Loop-Top Lid for 32 oz. Wide-Mouth Bottle


Nalgene Loop-Top Lid for 32 oz. Wide-Mouth Bottle

This durable cap is made to mate perfectly with the Nalgene® bottles, creating a leak-proof system.

  • Attached loop-top never gets lost
  • Screws on and off easily
  • Fits 32 oz. wide mouth bottles
  • Color: Blue
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What began in the 1940s as a company specializing in state-of-the-art polyethylene laboratory equipment such as centrifuge bottles, filter units and storage tanks, evolved in the 1970s into a company known for its high-quality camping equipment - thanks to a Boy Scout.

The President of Nalge Company in Rochester, New York, had a son who was in the Boy Scouts. He and the other Scouts would often bring the Nalgene® line of lab bottles on the trail with them - for storing powdered drinks, for carrying matches, and for storing water... always with positive results.

Once the Nalge president learned of this, he spread the word of the Boy Scouts' success with the bottles, and Nalgene Outdoor Products was born!

For a complete line of bottles and Lexan® jars that can stand up to any abuse your next outdoor adventure can throw at them, Nalgene is for you!
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Nalgene Loop-Top Lid for 32 oz. Wide-Mouth Bottle

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