Good To-Go Oatmeal - 1 Serving


Good To-Go Oatmeal - 1 Serving

This oatmeal is anything but your average packet of oatmeal.

The folks at Good To-Go® started with whole grain, gluten-free oats and quinoa. They added chia and hemp seeds, both packed with protein and omega fatty acids. Cinnamon and turmeric were included for their anti-inflammatory qualities, and cardamom for digestion.
  • Peace, love and oats with quinoa, chia and hemp hearts
  • Ready in minutes; just add boiling water
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Serving size: Single
  • Net weight: 4.3 oz.
  • Made in Maine
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Good To-Go® was founded by Jennifer Scism, accomplished chef and long-time co-owner of Annisa, a nationally recognized restaurant in New York’s Greenwich Village. With her husband and Good To-Go’s co-founder, David Koorits, the two enjoy exploring the backcountry with pole, pedal, paddle and feet.

Soon after David and Jen met, Jen was introduced to many new outdoor adventures. As day trips turned to overnights and extended backcountry adventures, Jen struggled with the limited opportunity for fresh and delicious foods, so she began preparing her favorite meals and dehydrating them in her countertop dehydrator. Through trial and error, the two were able to sit down, take in their surroundings and complete their adventures with an amazing meal. Jen’s creations were so delicious that they wanted everyone to be able to enjoy them.

Maine also has a long history of wilderness adventures and craftsmanship. It’s a perfect setting for preparing Good To-Go’s lightweight dehydrated gourmet meals. Maine’s vast forestland with countless lakes and mountains and its thousands of miles of coastline are breathtaking and inspiring. Good To-Go uses that inspiration to carry on the tradition of Maine craftsmanship with focusing on quality and excellence. Every meal is handmade by a chef whose focus is simply preparing the best meal possible to be enjoyed in the outdoors.

Good To-Go - Real food. Real adventure.
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Good To-Go Oatmeal - 1 Serving

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