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As avid outdoor enthusiasts, Jeff and Julie Streeter were accustomed to 100+ days of skiing in Colorado and backcountry excursions in all four seasons. So when they started a family, friends suggested they may have to give up their backcountry pursuits. They both thought, why?

Determined to share their love of the outdoors with their young family, they began searching for quality kids gear to match their active lifestyle. It wasn’t easy. While much of what they wanted simply didn’t exist, what they did find was typically of shoddy construction, poor design, or both. As parents they understood that kids, even more-so than adults, needed to be warm, dry, and safe in their outdoor activities.

One day, unable to buy a decent ski training harness for his 18-month-old son, Jeff decided to make one himself, with a twist. With Julie’s help, the technology executive with a chemical engineering degree soon found himself hand-sewing harnesses in his off hours. The twist? As a parent Jeff was accustomed to the constant bending over to pick up the little ones just getting their ski legs, so he incorporated a safety handle into the harness. The harness design and quality proved to be an instant success. By 2004, it was pretty clear the Streeters were on to something: an outdoor gear for kids company that parents could trust to provide functional, quality products, and incredible family memories.

Today, Lucky Bums® products are appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts around the world. From a single product to a true outdoor gear company with a growing staff, expanded facilities and year-round products for snow play, hiking, camping, fishing and hunting, Lucky Bums is steadfast in their commitment to create a world class outdoor gear for kids company that parents can trust.

Lucky Bums - Real gear for kids.
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Free Standard Shipping on Qualifying Orders over $81.00!

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