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Loring Pack Basket® was born from the beautiful Native American Wabanaki cultural tradition of making handcrafted pack baskets when Wane Loring learned how to weave pack baskets from his father, Eugene Loring, a Penobscot tribal member and master basket weaver.

As a young man, Wane wondered how he could improve on his basket weaving technique to produce a less expensive, yet more durable product. Wane spent all of 1999 testing a variety of synthetic materials to modernize the timeless tradition of the Wabanaki by making pack baskets that would satisfy the current market.  

After a year of research and development, trial and error, and customer feedback, Wane finally developed a synthetic pack basket so strong, it was nearly indestructible. Wane tested the market by giving his new synthetic pack basket to hunters, ice fishermen, nature photographers and videographers, and other outdoorsmen. Everyone was surprised by the strength of the baskets and how easy it was to care for them.

The Lorings are very proud of their Wabanaki heritage and basket making tradition, and they are proud to provide their customers with nearly indestructible, made in the USA, baskets at a reasonable price.
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Free Standard Shipping on Qualifying Orders over $83.00!

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