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In 1977, founder Betty Tung realized the American ski industry was booming but American ski fashion was decidedly not. Frustrated with the lack of affordable ski fashion, and anxious to continue her family’s proud manufacturing legacy, she created a winter apparel line of the highest quality and the fairest price that catered not only to the American adventurous spirit, but also to its physique.  Thus, Fera® was born.

With a keen focus on manufacturing and pattern expertise, Fera quickly went on to pioneer the pant category and cement their reputation for outstanding fit, quality and value. An obsession with comfort and form led to innovations like the unique stretch laminated insulation that continues to make their signature pants look and feel fantastic - no matter what body type.

Fera grew to incorporate a full line of outerwear and accessories - for women, men, and children alike - combining smart, elegant styling with snow sport functionality. To continue to cultivate the brand, Fera partnered with Meister™, an established manufacturer of quality wool and cotton knits, to develop a dynamic collection of base and mid-layers.

After more than 30 years, as other brands have come and gone like the season's snowfall, Fera's commitment to delivering great products and service continues to stand the test of time.