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Dokken Pro Check 30’ 4-In-1 Check Lead

Try the Dokken® Pro Check 30' 4-In-1 Check Lead when training your puppy.
  • Attach to any collar
  • Attach brass snap metal ring for obedience training
  • Use as a halter leash for added control when walking
  • Waist halter for aggressive pulling dogs
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Since 1995, Dokken Dog Supply® has been bringing high-quality, dog training products and accessories to the market. After developing the first Dokken’s DeadFowl Trainer™, their goal has not wavered: to provide a no-nonsense, cost-effective approach to developing products that make each and every aspect of the dog training experience easier, effective, and more enjoyable. Their research and development success is the result of over thirty years of dog training at the largest training facility in the upper half of the United States.

After working with thousands of dogs and their owners / handlers, you could say that, in this case, necessity is the mother-of-all inventions. Dokken Dog Supply's methods and products are proven and have stood the test of time. They depend on the products they develop, in every condition and scenario imaginable, to find out what doesn’t work - and more importantly what does.
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