Swix Kick and Glide Kit


Swix Kick and Glide Kit

Swix® Kick and Glide Kit includes five items to improve your day on the snow.

CH7 Violet:
  • Makes a good base bonding wax for either warmer or colder waxes applied later
  • Good general purpose pre-wax and travel wax
  • Falls in the middle of the Cera Nova system
  • -2ºC to -8ºC; 28ºF to 18ºF
  • For summer and glacier skiing and riding, it provides good glide plus good base protection especially when mixed with CH3
  • Recommended iron temperature setting of 135º
CH8 Red:
  • Very good, reliable and economical racing wax, as well as a general base prep wax and travel wax for cold skis
  • +1ºC to -4ºC; 34ºF to 25ºF
  • Recommended iron temperature setting of 120ºC
V40 Blue Extra:
  • Very flexible and versatile wax covering a large temperaturerange on the cold side of freezing
  • To be utilized close to 0ºC
  • Demands relatively new snow and low air humidity - below 45-50%
V60 Red / Silver Hardwax:
  • For wet new snow up +3ºC / 38º
  • For wet snow down to -1ºC / 30ºF in older more transformed granular snow
  • Apply thicker the warmer it is to secure grip
Synthetic Cork:
  • Use to cork wax, and powders, into base
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
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In 1946, the dream of two men became a reality. Borge Gabrielsson, President of Astra Pharmaceutical Company in Sweden, and Martin Matsbo, A famous Swedish racer, introduced the world to revolutionary cross-country waxes under the name Swix®. What made these waxes different from traditional waxes was that they were scientifically formulated from synthetic raw materials rather than natural occurring ingredients such as beeswax, tar, pine resin, fats and oils that were varying greatly in quality and difficult to duplicate in production. They were also the first color-coded waxes: red, blue and green. When the Swedes won all the gold medals in the cross-country events at the 1948 Olympics in St. Moritz on Swix waxes, the ski world took notice.

In 1949 Swix expanded by developing a line of glide wax for alpine skiing, and eventually in 1987 introduced a revolutionary wax for all disciplines called Cera F that certainly is the most successful single racing wax in ski history. As waxes continued their growth and development, Swix also bought the Norwegian Liljedahl Ski Pole factory in 1974 that was the largest manufacturer of cross-country poles in the world. Today, Swix is making approximately one million poles a year for alpine, cross-country, and exercise walking. In 1989 Swix added the Norheim outdoor and ski-clothing factory. Today the Swix apparel line also includes sport-underwear, gloves, hats, and bags.

Swix is now owned by Ferd AS of Norway and most wax manufacturing is done in Lillehammer.

Swix - a name you can trust.
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Swix Kick and Glide Kit

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