Swix Evo Pro Edge Electric Ski Edge Tuner


Swix Evo Pro Edge Electric Ski Edge Tuner

Swix® Evo Pro Edge tuner is a high precision electrical side edge tuner, developed to restore, maintain and to give the edge a World Cup finish. 

The Evo is very easy to operate, due to its ergonomically design, quick disc change and easy angle set-up. A key is also that the long lasting diamond disc is independent from the user pressure, as it is attached to a spring, making it impossible to mistakenly change the radius of the ski. 

The Evo is equipped with a high quality diamond disc, and by using a diamond material, the edge becomes harder and more durable. This ensures enhanced performance, especially on ice and artificially snow. 

  • 110 volt side edge tuning tool
  • Ergonomically designed and easy to use
  • Angle adjustment 85º to 90º
  • Fine polishing disc included
  • Course and medium polishing discs sold separately
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The Swix® mission is to provide all Alpine, Snowboard and Nordic enthusiasts with the winning margin. It endeavors to do this by providing the most comprehensive and exacting product lines, expertise, communication and service.

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Swix Evo Pro Edge Electric Ski Edge Tuner

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