DryGuy BootGlove


DryGuy BootGlove

Designed in the harsh Alaskan Arctic, the BootGlove provides a protecting layer of insulating neoprene for your ski boots to reduce wind chill and prevent loss of body heat in extreme winter conditions. Also included with the BootGlove are custom fit pieces of thermal reflective material that adhere to the underside and toe of your boot liners for an additional layer of insulation.

Overall, the BootGlove retains an average of 20°F (7°C) in your boot's toe box, conserving heat loss where it's most important - your feet!

  • One pair of BootGloves
  • Designed for use with snowboard, nordic, telemark, snowshoe and mountaineering boots
  • Helps block loss of body heat from boots
  • Neoprene outer shell
  • Strong adjustable heel Velcro® strap
  • Wind and water proof
  • Side abrasion-resistant pads
  • Thermal reflective pieces for extra warmth included
  • Color: Black

In an engineered test at Moose Mountain Ski Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska the following results were recorded:

  • Outside air temperature was -5°F at the ski lodge
  • Temperature probes were placed on the shells of the ski boots
  • A BootGlove was placed over one of the boots in the ski lodge
  • After skiing 1300 vertical feet, the exposed boot shell temperature was -5°F, while the boot protected by the BootGlove was 48°F
  • Shell of BootGlove protected boot was 53° F warmer than the other shell
  • Test was repeated with identical result
  • Small: Fits Mondo size 19.5 - 23
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Do you work outdoors? Do you play hard in the snow? Have you ever faced the daunting prospect of sticking warm feet into footwear that is still wet from the last use?

The DryGuy™ patents and technologies were born from hands-on experiences - working outdoors, playing in the snow, and using wet footwear. In 1994 founder, Joel Beckett, set out to solve the problem of cold feet and hands. By applying lessons learned from 20 years in the aerospace industry, Joel discovered new ways to keep active people warm.

Today DryGuy is one of the country's leading suppliers of footwear and accessory dryers and thermal layering systems. Their products are designed to keep you at an optimum level of comfort - inside and out.
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DryGuy BootGlove
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