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Can-Coctions Can-panion Beverage Holder

The Can-panion® is a clip-on beverage holder, designed originally for canoes and kayaks, that will easily attach to many different items.

All one piece, it is made of flexible plastic with a stiff coil clip to makes it tight and stable.

It fits different beverage sizes and frees up your hands for a pleasurable float, painting the house, hunting, 4-wheeling or just relaxing.

Suggested use:
  • Canoe, kayak, other boat
  • Ladder
  • Chair
  • Tree stand
  • Four-wheeler
  • Wheelchair
*Color varies - we will choose for you at time of purchase.
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Can-Coctions® is a family run business located in Garnett, Kansas where their Can-panions® are made. The family spends every year floating and just didn't want to hold onto their drinks anymore! So, after years of water bottles rolling around the bottom of canoes and kayaks, the Can-panion Beverage Holder was born.

Can-Coctions - Creating recreational products for a cleaner and safer outdoor experience.
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