Carlisle Skid Plate Kit


Carlisle Skid Plate Kit

Made of Kevlar®, Carlisle's® skid plates protect your new canoe or help to restore the worn out ends on your older canoe.

Kit includes:

  • Two skid plates, one for each end of canoe
  • Two-part polyurethane resin system
  • Kevlar felt
  • Sand paper
  • Instructions
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Almost 30 years ago, Ralph Stevens created the first Carlisle® paddles with local guide and livery companies in mind. He built his paddles to deliver the core strength and durability that expert guides need, and he succeeded so well that Carlisle has become one of the most widely known brands in paddle sports.

Today, Carlisle offers outstanding touring and recreational kayak paddles and oars in a variety of materials and designs. Each one suits the specific needs and conditions individual paddlers face. Every one is built to take a beating and keep going.

Whether you're a beginner or a hardcore river rat, Carlisle makes a paddle that's just right for you.
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Carlisle Skid Plate Kit

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