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Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Cleaner

Used and recommended by major firearms manufacturers, Lucas® Extreme Duty Gun Cleaner's consistent high pressure spray contains a unique blend of solvents and cleaning agents designed to blast away powder residue, grease, oil and other debris from firearm actions, slides, barrels and parts.

Safe on your firearm's metal finishes, it will not harm polymers subjected to incidental contact. This unique formula displaces water, great for when your firearm is caught out in a rainstorm while hunting. Its quick drying, zero residue properties make it ideal for final degreasing of firearms prior to bluing, parkerizing or spray finish applications.

  • Superior cleaning and drying formula
  • Non-chlorinated and CFC-free
  • Safe on metal finishes
  • Polymer safe
  • Quick drying with no residue
  • Size: 11 oz.
  • Made in USA
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Founded in 1989, Lucas® Products has established itself as one of the fastest-growing lubrication product lines in the consumer automotive aftermarket. The line features engine oils, greases, gear lubes, problem-solving additives and more. In addition, they produce an extensive line of firearm, marine and fishing products.
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