Black Hills 38 Special 148 Grain Match HBWC Handgun Ammo (50) zoom

Black Hills 38 Special 148 Grain Match HBWC Handgun Ammo (50)

Black Hills® is known throughout the shooting industry for combining the finest components available to build the best ammunition in the business. Just ask the United States Military. All four branches of the service rely on Black Hills for their 5.56 (.223) match ammunition.
  • Box of 50
  • Hollow base wadcutter creates neat round holes
  • Caliber: 38 Special
  • Muzzle velocity: 700 fps
  • Muzzle energy: 161 ft. lbs.
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Black Hills Ammunition® started over 30 years ago with little more than borrowed money and an overwhelming enthusiasm for making ammo. That dedication followed them to where we are today.

They supply all match 5.56 ammunition for the U.S. Military's Service Rifle Teams and provide specialty ammunition for specific military operations. Their success also hinges on providing reasonably priced .223 and Cowboy Action ammunition in more calibers than any other company.

Serious shooters use Black Hills Ammo.
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Practice & target Match Hollow Base Wadcutter 148 grains $43.99