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Smokehouse Wood Flavor Smoking Chips

These wood chips are thoroughly dried and have had the bitter tree bark removed. All that's left to do is, enjoy!

  • Precision ground for even, consistent burn
  • Hickory - commercial favorite for hams and bacon
  • Apple - sweet mild flavor; excellent for wild fowl
  • Mesquite - clean smoky flavor for red meat and poultry
  • Size: 1 lb. 12 oz.
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Smokehouse® Products offers a full line of smoker accessories, including six flavors of chips and chunks and BBQ pellets, sausage making kits, meat grinders, sausage mixes, seasonings, jerky and dry rub mixes, drying screens, jerky guns, smoker insulation blankets, and other replacement parts and accessories.
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9760-000-0000 - Hickory

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9770-000-0000 - Apple

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9775-000-0000 - Mesquite

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