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Lifetime Decoys Jerk Rig

The Jerk Rig is the ultimate in waterfowl decoy motion. Featuring a 90 foot PVC coated steel cable mainline, built with swivels every six feet to prevent the line from coiling / tangling, and a 5ft marine grade bungee for big pull to make your decoys really swim back and forth. In addition, the Jerk Rig also features 6 decoy drops. Connect them to your decoys before you go hunt, then attach your decoys anywhere on the mainline in seconds, so you’ll have decoys swimming throughout your spread, some in the front, some in the back. No jerk rig works better, Lifetime Decoys® guarantees it.

  • 5 ft marine grade bungee for lots of pull and decoy movement
  • Extremely easy and fast setup
  • 6 drop connections – hook them up to your decoys and attach your decoys quickly and easily anywhere on the mainline throughout your spread
  • Purchase additional drops to add as many decoys as you want on the mainline
  • Swiveling mainline cable – prevent line from coiling or tangling when bringing in
  • 1.5 lb. folding grapnel anchor
  • 1 big carabiner
  • Everything is fully assembled and ready to go – All you need to do is attach the drops to your decoys, and clip them anywhere on the mainline cable when you’re ready to hunt
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Lifetime Decoys® has set the new standard in decoy rigging equipment. Their signature, patent pending designs use PVC coated steel cable to prevent rust and corrosion, allow virtually ZERO line memory, while providing UV resistance, incredible strength and durability. Unlike monofilament, steel cable won’t coil up and tangle with the other lines because of excessive line memory. Their swivels and clips are made with high quality stainless steel and aluminum ferrules are hydraulically pressed providing unsurpassed strength. These materials combine to form the strongest, longest lasting and most tangle-proof decoy rigging equipment on the market today.

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