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Tracking Whitetail Bucks: Stories from the Trail in the Big Woods by Hal Blood

Come along with Hal on the track as he takes 25 Big Woods Bucks, starting with the very first one that he tracked down.

Everything Hal learned about hunting these majestic bucks was from following hundreds of bucks over the past almost 40 years. The bucks took him to their haunts and showed him how they lived. The life of a buck is written in his tracks, and by following him you are living his life and learning how to use that information to outwit bucks everywhere.

Over those years, Hal developed a system for consistent success, and in this book he laid out that system in a format that anyone can follow.

  • Paperback
  • 151 pages
  • Dimensions: 11"H x 8.5"W


  • The Burnt Jacket Buck
  • Number 11
  • Thin Horns
  • Dueling buck
  • Big Mistake
  • The Spruce Bog Buck
  • The Thunderstorm Buck
  • The Sandwich Buck
  • Fat Horns
  • The Hog Buck
  • Pretty Boy
  • The King
  • The Island Buck
  • Swale Bog Buck
  • Rackasaurus
  • JR
  • Scrape Line Buck
  • Wingnut
  • Camp 6 Buck
  • Mr. Casual
  • Snowfall
  • Percival
  • ADK Fighter
  • Mr. "B"
  • Mr. "G"
  • The End of the Trail

ISBN: 9780999343500

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The folks at Big Woods Bucks® believe the hunting world lost its way decades ago, with technology, food plots, and heated stands replacing true woodsmen skills and knowledge of animal habit and habitat. Their goal is to revive and promote hunting in its most ancient, purest form, by getting out into the big woods, learning to read the woods & subtle signs that makes the biggest difference in your success. The woodsman skills they teach help you safely test yourself against the wilderness and have real, authentic big woods adventures along the way. So stop sitting and start hunting!
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