Remembering the Civil War: The Conflict as Told by Those Who Lived It, Edited by Michael Barton & Charles Kupfer zoom in


Remembering the Civil War: The Conflict as Told by Those Who Lived It, Edited by Michael Barton & Charles Kupfer

In the years following the American Civil War, many participants - generals, politicians, journalists and soldiers - authored first-hand accounts of their unique experiences. While the quality and reliability of the memoirs vary, a large number provide important perspectives that, taken together, offer vivid descriptions of major battles, political developments, and other momentous events from Fort Sumter to Appomattox.

In Remembering the Civil War, historians Michael Barton and Charles Kupfer carefully select excerpts from the memoirs of key participants and weave them together to tell the story of the war in a single volume. Contributors include Union generals Ulysses Grant, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, W.T. Sherman, Abner Doubleday, and Philip Sheridan. Confederate authors include Robert E. Lee, Gen. James Longstreet, Cpl. Sam Watkins, Lt. John W. Worsham, Col. Edward Porter Alexander, Capt. John Wilkinson and Jefferson Davies. Personal documents provide soldiers' perspectives of what fighting was like on the ground, as well as hospital and prison life.

  • Paperback 
  • Excerpts from memoirs of key participants in Civil War
  • Comprehensive intro and headnote for each excerpt provides context and background info
  • Photos
  • 488 pages
  • Dimensions: 9"H x 6.1"W

ISBN: 9781493059331

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