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Making the Most of Your Deer by Dennis Walrod

  • All-purpose guide to utilizing your deer after the kill
  • Detailed instructions on field dressing and butchering
  • Varied recipes for venison plus tips on do-it-yourself taxidermy
You have braved the elements, spent hours lying in wait, and had your share of near misses, but you've finally bagged that prize whitetail or mule deer. Now what? In this wide-ranging guide, Dennis Walrod tells you everything you need to know to maximize the use of your deer.

He covers field dressing and transport, salting and tanning hides, aging venison, leather crafting, soap making, trophy mounting, and creating home furnishings and decorations.

Also included is a selection of mouthwatering venison recipes.
Dennis Walrod has written for a number of outdoor magazines, including Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, and Gray's Sporting Journal. He is also the author of Grouse Hunter's Guide, 2nd Edition (ISBN: 0811728897).

  • Paperback
  • 6" x 9"
  • 272 pages
  • 80 black & white photos
  • 17 drawings 

ISBN: 0811731626
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