Easton H Nock (6mm) Indexable Nock - 12 Pk. zoom in


Easton H Nock (6mm) Indexable Nock - 12 Pk.

Easton® H Nocks™, like all Easton products, use top-quality materials and hold up to rigid quality standards.

  • Package of 12
  • Precision-molded
  • Press-fit 
  • Fits ST Epic, ST Epic Camo, ST Epic Junior, and ST Excel
  • Color: White
  • Throat: 0.111
  • Weight: 9 grains

* Actual product may differ from photo.

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Since 1922, Easton® has been one of the leaders in the development and innovation of precision built arrows and archery equipment. Easton is dedicated to engineering the very best in accurate dependable equipment and accessories for the serious user. Their proprietary manufacturing of precision aluminum and advanced carbon fiber arrow technology deliver the very best - for when it really counts.

Easton - Expect the best.
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