Frankford Arsenal Cartridge Overall Length Gauge


Frankford Arsenal Cartridge Overall Length Gauge

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If you have a cleaning rod and a set of calipers, you can now determine the optimum OAL for any bullet in less than two minutes.

This simple kit consists of two clamps that easily attach to any cleaning rod, 1/4" in diameter, or less. Simply install the appropriate size tip on the end of your cleaning rod, insert the cleaning rod to the bolt face, install one clamp, remove the bolt and drop in a bullet (projectile only) into the chamber. Hold the bullet against the rifling with a pencil, touch the bullet tip
with the cleaning rod tip and install the other clamp.

Now measure the inside distance between the two clamps with a calipers and record, or use as a gauge to check
the seating depth set-up during your reloading squence.
  • Works on all rifles
  • Determines optimum OAL for any bullet
  • Complete instructions included
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Frankford Arsenal® provides you with reloading tools and supplies.

There are few veteran reloaders who are not familiar with the famous initials FA on military 30/06 brass - and for good reason. The original Frankford Arsenal Army Ammunition Plant was constructed between 1816 and 1830. In addition to massive small arms ammunition production, Frankford Arsenal was responsible for almost all of the research and development and manufacture of U.S. Army field reloading equipment for the 45/70, 50/70, 30/40 Krag, and 30/06 - beginning in the 1880's.

Today, Battenfeld® carries on that same spirit through their branded Frankford Arsenal reloading products. By offering well-designed and quality products, they've reestablished Frankford Arsenal as one of the world's leading brands of metallic reloading equipment in hopes of preserving this famous name.
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$19.99 $5.00