Sierra GameKing 30 Cal. / 7.62mm 150 Grain .308” SBT Rifle Bullet (100)


Sierra GameKing 30 Cal. / 7.62mm 150 Grain .308” SBT Rifle Bullet (100)

GameKing® bullets are designed for hunting at long range, where their extra margin of performance can make the critical difference. They feature a boat tail design to bring hunters the ballistic advantage of match bullets. The streamlined tapered base of the boat tail greatly reduces drag, which results in higher retained velocity, greater striking energy, a flatter trajectory and less wind drift than comparable flat base bullets.

For rifles in 30 caliber, this bullet was designed for medium- to long-range hunting with cartridges having medium to large case capacities for powder. These bullets often display match grade accuracy from accurate hunting rifles. The famous Sierra Spitzer Boat Tail shape assures flat trajectory, excellent resistance to crosswinds and vertical winds, and maximum energy delivery to the target. Good penetration and expansion are characteristic of these bullets even at the reduced impact velocities at long range. The 150 grain bullet is best suited to medium game at all velocity levels.

In handguns, these bullets have a very definite niche as superbly accurate hunting bullets. Previously considered too hard for expansion, they perform well at the 2500 fps muzzle velocities achievable in the 308 Winchester and larger cartridges. Ease of loading and precise concentricity contributes to their excellent accuracy. Sierra's® Spitzer Boat Tail design assures flat trajectory and high energy delivery downrange with low sensitivity to crosswinds and vertical winds. These bullets are suitable for varmints through large game at all ranges a prudent handgunner would normally attempt.
  • Box of 100
  • Streamlined tapered base
  • Caliber: 30 cal. / 7.62mm
  • Sectional density: 0.266
  • Bullet weight: 150 grains
Ballistic coefficients:
  • .380 @ 2600 fps and above
  • .368 between 2600 and 1800 fps
  • .360 @ 1800 fps and below
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For over 60 years, Sierra® Bullets has been dedicated to manufacturing of some of the most accurate bullets in the world.

Over the years, much has changed in the shooting sports industry and marketplace. One common thread running throughout this time however, has been Sierra's focus on bullets. Hunting and target bullets for rifles and handguns are the only products Sierra makes, and they work hard to make them better than anyone else.

Today, Sierra offers over 160 different rifle and handgun bullets to satisfy nearly any need. It's no wonder shooters around the world ask for Sierra.

Sierra - A Tradition of Precision
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Sierra GameKing 30 Cal. / 7.62mm 150 Grain .308” SBT Rifle Bullet (100)

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Spitzer Boat Tail
150 grains
0.308" Hunting Spitzer Boat Tail $33.99