Liberty Silverado 223 Remington 55 Grain Lead-Free HP Ammo (20)


Liberty Silverado 223 Remington 55 Grain Lead-Free HP Ammo (20)

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Liberty Ammunition’s® 223 Rem rifle ammo is a 55 grain deep cavity hollow point. With up to nine fragmenting pieces, this lead-free rifle ammo is sure to do the job it is meant to do.

Silverado combines velocity with a high degree of fragmentation to provide impressive terminal ballistics. External ballistic performance is as impressive as any of the sniper rounds on the market. It chronos at over 3000 fps. The Silverado 223 is slightly longer, than a standard 223 round, but it will feed in any quality AR magazine.

Silverado 223 is a sub-MOA performer. It exhibits virtually no vertical dispersion when fired which confirms a consistent burn rate and velocity.
  • Box of 20
  • Lead-free
  • Copper
  • Monolithic
  • Accuracy: < 2" @ 300 meters
  • Terminal effect: > 5"W cavity
  • Velocity: > 3000 fps
  • Kinetic energy: > 1100 fpe
  • Suggested use: Hunting, tactical
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Perhaps you've never heard of Liberty Ammunition. Liberty has historically only provided ammunition for the US Military. The company’s mission is to protect the lives of our troops, allies and law enforcement officers around the world by providing them the highest performing ammunition in the world. As such, it has never needed to, nor has it had to, generate any awareness in the commercial market.  Liberty also does not engage in marketing. The company operates on word of mouth and performance.  

Without exception, every US Military, law enforcement, or Foreign Allied Military professional that has seen Liberty Ammunition's performance has validated its efficacy and uniqueness.
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Liberty Silverado 223 Remington 55 Grain Lead-Free HP Ammo (20)

SKU #:
UPC #:
223 Remington / 5.56 NATO
Bullet style:
Boat tail, hollow-point fragmenting
Bullet weight:
55 grains
Application / Use:
Hunting & personal protection & tactical
Muzzle energy:
> 1100 ft. lbs.
Muzzle velocity:
> 3000 fps
223 Remington / 5.56 NATO Boat tail, hollow-point fragmenting 55 grains $29.99 $9.99