Air Venturi Annie Oakley Lil Sure Shot 177 Cal. BB Rifle


Air Venturi Annie Oakley Lil' Sure Shot 177 Cal. BB Rifle

$54.99 $39.99

Annie Oakley, an American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter, is honored in this Annie Oakley Lil' Sure Shot BB Rifle – a must-have for any collector or would-be airgunner (boy or girl!) looking to start out.  

This unique rifle features a lever-action handle and 550 round capacity.  Each Lil' Sure Shot features Air Venturi’s LASSO mount system which adds an 11mm dovetail rail for mounting your choice of optics.

  • Stained wood stock with Annie’s likeness etched into butt piece
  • Words Lil' Sure Shot etched across foregrip
  • Authentic Annie Oakley signature
  • Smooth bore steel barrel
  • 550 shot BB repeater
  • Blade and ramp sight / elevation adjustable rear sight
  • Manual crossbar safety
  • Removable scope mount
  • Power plant: Spring piston
  • Ammunition: 4.5mm BB
  • Velocity: Up to 350 fps
  • Maximum shooting distance: 212 yards
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 9 oz.
  • Suggested use: Age 10 years and older

* Not a toy. Adult supervision required.

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Air Venturi Annie Oakley Lil' Sure Shot 177 Cal. BB Rifle

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177 cal.
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Up to 950 fps
2 lbs. 9 oz.
9.5" 177 cal. 34" $54.99 $39.99