Gear Aid ReviveX Instant Waterproofing Spray


Gear Aid ReviveX Instant Waterproofing Spray

Sometimes you need an all-purpose, easy to use waterproof spray. And now you have it with ReviveX® Instant Waterproofing Spray by Gear Aid™.

ReviveX instantly creates a water, oil and stain repellent surface on all types of outerwear, footwear and gear. Plus, it restores DWR to items that have lost their ability to repel water. Need to waterproof a tent? Just spray the item until saturated and allow it to air dry. It's safe for leather, GORE-TEX®, eVent® and other breathable and non-breathable fabrics, and perfect for restoring water repellency to synthetic insulated garments, skiwear, gloves, boots, hats, waders, and backpacks.

Use ReviveX Instant Waterproofing Spray before you set out on that camping, hiking or fishing adventure. There’s no doubt - dry and comfortable trumps wet and miserable, every time.
  • Convenient, all-purpose waterproofing
  • Non silicone formula safe for all fabrics
  • Creates instant water, oil,and stain repellency
  • Clear, non sticky finish
  • No CFCs or PFOAs
  • Size: 5 oz.
  • Suggested use: Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, Outerwear, Pack, Tent, Tarp, Waders
  • Made in USA
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Whether you're around town, climbing a mountain, or exploring crystal clear waters, Gear Aid's® got you covered.

Gear Aid, a McNett® brand, manufactures over 100 products that help provide a better experience outdoors; products that are tested and proven in the most extreme environments so that you know they’ll work anywhere. McNett's family of brands help you drink water anywhere, get more from your gear, improve your odds in the field and travel smarter.

Let Gear Aid provide you with Essentials for Adventure™.
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Gear Aid ReviveX Instant Waterproofing Spray

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