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Aquaseal Scent Free Leather Waterproofing & Conditioner

This Aquaseal® product combines conditioning oils similar to those used by tanneries, extremely viscous silicone, and a paraffin-polymer blend.

It achieves maximum leather care, waterproofing and conditioning, while retaining leather breathability and durability. It is easy to use and leaves no sticky residue.

Recommended for use on:

  • Smooth oil-tanned leather
  • Smooth chrome tanned leather
  • Silicone impregnated and other pre-waterproofed leathers

Action uses:

  • Indoor/outdoor work footwear care
  • Hiking & hunting boots
  • Mountain biking shoes
  • Motorcycle boots and gloves
  • Leather tack (saddles, bridles, harnesses)
  • Shoe care
  • Most types of leather gloves
  • Much more

Safe on Gore-Tex® footwear

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An in-depth study of leather showed that available waterproofing compounds were not giving leather what it needed. What was needed, in fact, was a new technology.

Through a long period of trial and error, hundreds of little jars were filled with experimental compounds before hitting on the ultimate leather waterproofer/conditioner. What we now market as AQUASEAL® had its humble beginnings on a one burner hotplate in my basement.
Next came the field testing. Boy Scouts, mountaineer expeditions, tree planters, well diggers, hundreds of hunters and hikers, all in wet conditions, each person using AQUASEAL® on leather boots. A few adjustments were made to the formula, and a totally unique new product was born.
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4 oz. Dauber Liquid

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