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Wind River Chimes Festival 36" Bronze Windchime

Wind River™ Festival® Windchimes respond to the slightest breeze, producing pleasant, uplifting melodies with every movement. Tempered anodized aluminum is cut and drilled precisely, to give Festival Windchimes a rich, melodious tone. Each tube is then further hand-tuned to ensure that these beautiful chimes produce a balanced scale which is soothing and easy to listen to. Handcrafted in Virginia from high-quality, weather-resistant components, Festival Windchimes are made to be enjoyed year round and provide a fine-tuned touch of natural beauty to your living space!

The Festival 36" Windchime is a moderately-sized chime that will provide year-round delight in any location. This chime's size makes it an ideal decoration for any lawn or garden. Still small enough to be one of many decorative pieces, it is also large enough to be the centerpiece of a lawn or garden. However you choose to use it, this chime will look attractive and produce pleasant music through all the seasons!

  • Notes in Chime: D, E, G, A, B, D
  • Hand-tuned to scale: D
  • Number of tubes: 6
  • Diameter of tubes: 1"
  • Length of longest tube: 20"
  • Overall length: 36"
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Color: Bronze
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Wind River™ Chimes believes that music speaks to everyone! Melody lives forever, and memories are shaped by the soundtracks that play for a moment in our ears - and echo forever in our hearts. Wind River Chimes are individually handcrafted and hand-tuned, for exceptional precision and lasting beauty. The result is chimes that are inspired by nature, and designed to make the natural world even more inspiring.

Wind River Chimes create a symphony in any space. As soon as you bring one home, you realize it's so much more than a piece of musical garden décor. It's a reminder to rest. It's a moment of calm amid the chaos of daily life. And it's a cue to pause, listen, reflect - and breathe. Because in life, the winds of change are always moving. No matter where they carry you, Wind River Chimes will always be inspiring harmony!

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