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MailWraps Stars and Stripes Forever Magnetic Mailbox Cover

Create a patriotic mailbox with this MailWraps® Stars and Stripes Forever Magnetic Mailbox Cover! You can instantly change the look of your mailbox to celebrate seasons, holidays, special interests and more! MailWraps are built to last in all weather conditions, making them reusable for many years to come!

  • Easy-to-use and fun to change as seasons come and go
  • UV-printed for beautiful, vivid color reproduction and exceptional durability
  • Pre-cut to fit standard size 6.5" x 19" mailbox
  • Meets U.S. Postal requirements
  • All-weather vinyl
  • Made in USA
  • Mailbox not included

* MailWraps is a registered trademark of Studio M™ by Magnet Works, Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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During the Christmas season of 1988, Sue Todd looked out her window and decided that her curbside mailbox would look great covered with some type of festive, Yuletide wrapping. Confident that such a product existed, she set off in search of her prize.

When she came up empty handed  she thought about making some type of cover herself... something that people could change seasonally for the holidays.

Sue's husband, Curt, spent about $20 on materials to make a prototype. One cocktail and a flexible magnetic calendar later MailWraps® magnetic mailbox covers were born. Life for Curt and Sue hasn't been the same since.
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