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Andréas Decorative Red White & Blue Stars Jar Opener

Andréas® Silicone Jar Openers loosen the most stubborn jars and lids by giving you the most leverage possible! They are designed with one side rough, one side smooth for easy firm gripping, plus they fit comfortably into every hand!

Andréas Jar Openers are hand-made by encapsulating decorative fabric with FDA Approved high-grade silicone. These elegant and whimsical jar openers have an additional feature, they stick to most every metal and glass surface so you can always find them!

  • Non-slip grip
  • Matches any kitchen décor
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Good for home, camping or boat
  • Place on dashboard of car to hold cell phone in place
  • 6" round diameter
  • Made in USA
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SCSR Innovations, LLC is a small business that started in 2003 by Ron Szabo.

Ron polished silver for 3 days for Easter Dinner. When the table was set and ready for the hot casseroles and dishes, old tea towels and spaghetti stained pot holders were placed on the table. Ron asked, "What are you doing?  You can't put that on the table!" His wife stated, "That is what I have..." Ron replied, "I can make you something nicer than that!!" ... 3 years later the 1st silicone trivet was made!

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