Corkcicle Air In-Bottle Wine Chiller


Corkcicle Air In-Bottle Wine Chiller

Perfectly chill your wine to the ideal temperature each and every time with the Corkcicle® Air. Just store in it your freezer for 90 minutes, and then insert it into your favorite bottle of room temp. red or chilled white. 

  • All-in-one solution for perfect wine every time
  • Convenient pour-through feature 
  • Aerates wine as you pour, introducing just the right amount of oxygen
  • Brings reds to cellar temp
  • Keeps whites chilled
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From their innovative barware to their best-selling Canteens and Tumblers, each and every Corkcicle® product is designed to make every sip an experience.
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Corkcicle Air In-Bottle Wine Chiller

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