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Andréas Decorative Ty Dy Lillie Pad Coaster

The Coaster for Everything! Andréas® Silicone Lillie Pads are strong enough to hold water and soft enough to never break. They are easy to clean by putting in the washer and dryer, and come out good as new!

The silicone/fabric elegance meets multi-purpose function with uses for plants, dog/cat bowls, kitchen sponges, candles, coffee cups and much more!

  • Protects furniture from liquid spills or drips
  • Can be used for variety of things
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 4" round diameter
  • Made in USA


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SCSR Innovations, LLC is a small business that started in 2003 by Ron Szabo.

Ron polished silver for 3 days for Easter Dinner. When the table was set and ready for the hot casseroles and dishes, old tea towels and spaghetti stained pot holders were placed on the table. Ron asked, "What are you doing?  You can't put that on the table!" His wife stated, "That is what I have..." Ron replied, "I can make you something nicer than that!!" ... 3 years later the 1st silicone trivet was made!

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